All Things MACC

Thank you for coming to All Things MACC Parent meeting!  In case you missed it, here are some take-aways from our meeting:

1. If your student has never taken an MACC class before, they need to fill out the dual credit application before September 21. (click on the red dual credit application button below the video).  If you have trouble finding our high school in the drop down list, look in the Q's for Queen City

2. I need the yellow sheets signed and returned to me by next week.  If your child doesn't have a yellow sheet have them stop by my office for one.  On this yellow sheet you are only listing fall classes and please list in-seat and online classes. 

3. Only online payments will be accepted, do not send money or check with your student.  Please see the yellow sheet packet for information on how to pay for classes. 

4. MACC will be here September 21 to collect the yellow sheets and enroll students in their classes, parents do not need to come to that.

5. If your student is taking College Algebra (which is Pre-Calculus Algebra on the sheet), College Biology, or College Anatomy; those are year long classes and you won't be writing them down again in the spring when we do the enrollment process for spring classes.  However I believe those classes have to be paid by December. 

Below are the slides I used last night.  Please note there is a dual credit scholarship available, check that out to see if you qualify.  As always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email me.